Chat with a Ro(BOT)

Your phone rings. It’s your boss – he needs you to be in Delhi first thing tomorrow morning. After the call, you shout out “Book a flight to Delhi tonight.” Pat comes the reply “Done. Should I book a hotel as well?”

“Yes. And make a reservation at the restaurant for 10 am tomorrow. Send an invitation to the boss.” Read more

Motilal Oswal Securities launches chatbot MO-Genie

Mumbai: Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL), one of the top broking houses in India has introduced MO-Genie, a self-service bot. MO-Genie empowers clients and business partners to access customer service at their fingertips.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services is a financial services company. Its offerings include capital markets businesses (retail broking, institutional broking & investment banking), asset & wealth management (asset management, private equity & wealth management), housing finance & equity-based treasury investments. Read more

10 Bot Building platforms and why you need to build a bot for your business (Part 1)

Bots are the new way businesses talk to their customers. First every business needed to have a website, then a mobile friendly design, then an app. Businesses are now building bots as a customer communication channel.

Bot adoption is growing fast! Since Facebook opened its Messenger in April this year, there have now been 33,000+ bots created on the platform. The great thing about bots is that the communication goes both ways. The “machine” attempts at understanding the questions asked and replies based on the user’s intent. The goal is to be fast, helpful and efficient. Currently, majority of the bots are automated with an assistant in the loop to help train the bot on new questions. Read more

Artificial intelligence slowly making its way into travel biz

Artificial intelligence (AI), which many experts predict will have an enormous impact on the travel industry, is becoming a reality not in the form of blockbuster apps but as a slow, steady trickle of apps, features and technological innovations.

The pace of its progress was measured recently by a London School of Economics study, which identified AI and big data as “key disruptive factors shaping the travel distribution industry over the next decade.” But the resulting report also noted that those factors have yet to spark major changes. Read more

Why ‘talk to our chatbot’ will replace ‘send us an email’

I’m known to be a bit negative about email. When you receive a few hundred of them a day, it tends to make you a little skittish, even a little depressed. Yet, it’s still my primary form of communication, especially when I’m trying to find answers to problems. In our highly digitized world, it’s amazing we still use asynchronous communication so often.

Here’s my big problem with how this all works. When you send a message, there’s no way of knowing if the recipient is doing anything about it. Sure, there are apps for this. In marketing, it’s an art form. Even Outlook can generate a “read receipt,” but I’m talking about getting an immediate response that tells you what kind of action the message recipient is going to take. Instead, we send an email and hope someone eventually reads it and responds in a way that is actually useful. Read more

Oracle is also getting in on the chatbot revolution

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison ordered himself some new business cards on stage at the company’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on Sunday, just by having a conversation.

As part of his keynote address to attendees, Ellison took the time to show off a new set of tools for creating intelligent chatbots that integrate with Oracle’s software. It’s aimed at making it easier for businesses to build bots that let users connect with their enterprise software, and help businesses connect with consumers. Read more

Siri’s legacy: How next-gen bots will change the way business gets done

Siri’s descendants may soon be able to help you improve customer service at your company.

William Mark, president of information and computing sciences at SRI International (best known for inventing and selling Siri to Apple in 2010), is now creating virtual assistants that can help customers perform complex tasks in banking, shopping, and business. Read more

India’s Niki chatbot features in Facebook’s global messenger bot success story

Niki chatbot , which is backed by Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, has been featured in Facebook’s global messenger bot success story.

Nitin Babel, co-Founder of Niki , says it is the first and the only chatbot from India to get such a recognition. The other bots that are in the lists are Shopify, Meetic, and Hyatt. With Nikibot, one can hail a cab and pay for bills, without having to leave Messenger. Read more

Facebook Messenger chatbots will soon accept direct payments and more


Facebook’s head of Messenger, David Marcus announced the same at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 event. Marcus also revealed that the latest version of the Messenger app will give 30,000 chatbots the ability to accept payments. The feature will comes as a part of the app v1.2. It will soon be rolling out to the users. Facebook has not yet mentioned when India will receive this feature and when. Read more