50 of the best chatbot use cases


Chatbots have already extended into so many aspects of our daily life – I wake up in the morning and ask Alexa( a voice bot by Amazon) to play my favorite Jazz music, Amy (an email bot by x.ai) emails me about today’s meetings, and Slackbot ( a bot powered Slack) sends me a notification to remind me to buy airline tickets to Goa today. Bots are everywhere! Read more


The Way Messaging Has Become So Integral To Our Mobile Lives, The Next Wave Of Revolution Within Messaging Will Be Bots. Bots Are Basically A Software That Performs Automated Tasks. So As A User, All The Shopping That You Do Online Could Be An Activity That Would Be Done By Bots For You In The Future. Beerud Sheth, CEO & Co-Founder Of Gupshup Joined Us With Details. Check full interview

The Flow Bot Builder: An Uncompromising Approach To Bot Building

With the ubiquity of mobile devices consumers want to be able to reach business anytime, anywhere. Also, they don’t want to have to tinker with browsers and apps; they just want to be able to have a quick chat with someone right now that can answer their specific queries. Shoppers want the right answers to their questions and find what they need quickly. Buyers will want to make a purchase instantly. And customers will want their problems resolved quickly by customer support teams. Read more

5 tips to humanize your chatbot

Chatbots are an increasing part of our daily lives, redefining how we engage with the internet and with businesses. Canadian messaging company Kik explains it like this: “First there were websites, then there were apps. Now, there are bots.” Just like the early internet, bots are set to transform commerce as we know it, making it easier than ever for consumers to reach, engage, and transact through instant commands. Read more

4 Chatbots Trends for 2018

Back in August I shared some thoughts about the current situation of the chatbot industry. I was quite surprised by the amount of interest the post generated. Many readers contacted me in private and shared lots of exciting information from their Chatbot experience. As we are nearing the end of 2017, I would like to make a recap and share my personal opinion regarding how the chatbot industry will evolve in 2018. Read more