Why Your Business Needs a Bot

Both technological capabilities and consumer preferences are evolving faster than ever before, which amplifies the challenge organizations have as they attempt to establish and maintain competitive advantage. It is not surprising, then, that organizations of all sizes are struggling to adopt artificial intelligence and weave it into a comprehensive consumer engagement strategy. Read More

Gupshup Launches Smart Messaging Portal for Developers

Bots are software programs that send and receive messages similar to human users and communicate across a variety of messaging channels. The Gupshup.io portal provides developers with the tools to build bots. Gupshup APIs are omni-channel, which means one API can be used across multiple messaging channels such as SMS, Slack, Teamchat, Twitter and WeChat. Gupshup APIs support smart messages – structured messages with interactive fields to enable richer interactions than plain-text messages.Read More

Get Ready For The Chat Bot Revolution: They’re Simple, Cheap And About To Be Everywhere

There are thousands of chat bots on Telegram, a two-and-a-half-year-old messaging app headquartered in Berlin with 100 million active users. The chat bots are free to use, and you can chat to them by simply sending them a message, as if they were a human user.

There’s a TriviaBot for answering trivia questions, a Random Reddit Fun bot which pulls GIFs and images from the /funny subreddit on the popular sharing site, or HangBot, a hangman-style game. Read More

The Big Opportunity for Bots in Messaging

As the first stage, we’re already seeing messaging bots that act as gateways or aggregators to existing services. These are typically shortcuts to on-demand services, for example, to order food or an Uber. However, the potential for such aggregators is rather limited, since there’s not much value add and most on-demand services will likely have their own messaging bots in the near future. Read More


Kore Launches Bot-Based Messaging Platform to Enable Today’s Busy Workforce to Converse with People, Teams and Business Systems

Bots are lightweight programs that connect with third-party apps and business systems via APIs to send and receive data as directed by the user. Kore’s unique bot platform and Bot Builder allow employees to communicate with apps and business systems through the same interface they use to chat with coworkers. Employees can ask for relevant alerts, execute actions and generate reports. Kore includes more than 100 prebuilt bots that integrate with applications that power modern enterprises, such as software from Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Twitter, Concur, Oracle, ServiceNow, Box, Google Drive and others. In addition, Kore and SAP (NYSE: SAP) are actively collaborating at the SAP® Co-Innovation Lab to develop bots that can integrate with selected SAP applications. The enterprise-grade bot platform and Bot Builder tool empower customers and partners to easily design, develop and deploy their own bots tailored to their needs, often within a matter of hours. Read More

On Chatbots

Technically, chatbots are programs that respond to natural language text and, optionally, voice inputs in a humanlike manner. They can execute tasks given specific commands (think voice control, or most Slack bots), but their raison d’être is that they listen, talk and seem to converse….Read More