Gupshup bot building platform launched in India

Before this digital era of internet messaging apps, SMS was the most used method of text-based communication. I still remember using the Google SMS bot created by Google labs which allowed us to send a query in the form of messages, to get the information as a reply. So if anybody wanted to know the cricket score, they just texted ‘cric score’ to a certain mobile number mentioned by Google, and they got a reply message with all the matches and the current score. So this was I guess the first SMS bot that I ever used having automated replies. But many companies have implemented such automated bots within their organization. One such company named Gupshup has just launched a bot building platform which lets developer make their own bots with ease. We will see everything in detail on what this new era of chat bots is, and if it has the power to bring change in this digital age. Also we will check out the new Gupshup bot building platform to create our own bot. Read more

Messaging app Kik launches a new bot store

Messaging app Kik has announced a new bot store, featuring 18 new bots made in collaboration with the likes of The Weather Channel and Vine. The app is essentially giving users a quick and a hassle free way to converse over text and perform other basic tasks such as finding information, play games or get tips on anything.

“We wanted to find a way to get more out of chat without adding to the clutter or detracting from the simplicity of the experience in Kik. We’ve found that bots offer a great low-friction way to do that. There’s nothing to download, no new registration required, and you can use an interface you’re already familiar with: chat,” the company wrote in a blog post. Read more

Your bot is now your brand

We’re in the midst of a once-in-a-decade paradigm shift. Messaging is the new platform, and bots are the new apps. The shift radically changes end-user experiences and developer frameworks and inevitably will change business models, how we monetize, and how we advertise.

While these are still early days, a few interesting trends are becoming apparent. Here are some recommendations for brands entering the brave bot world. Read more

Five Answers About The Future Of Chatbots

Not much, and they don’t have to. Platforms won’t offer much more than APIs, and I think, they won’t have to. There is already an ecosystem of players emerging around the messaging platforms. Facebook is unique among messaging platforms in that they’ve made heavy investments in AI. Other messaging platforms are unlikely to. More importantly, there are many independent platforms (,, even Facebook’s that can be used with any messaging platform. Even before we get to AI, there’s a greater need for tools to support the end-to-end bot lifecycle (dev, test, deploy, host, publish, monitor, track), which companies like mine ( are addressing.Read more

The Day Is Coming When Customer Service Will Be Run by Chatbots

Why is that such a big announcement? Because 2016 is the year of the chatbots, a turning point when the A.I. that drives these machines can imitate human speech, respond to queries, help you find the right product online, and troubleshoot problems. In fact, while there is no way to prove it, there’s a good chance you have already chatted online with a customer service bot–say, at one of those pop-ups you see at an online store or when you visit a big-name brand site. Read more