Google and Ray are developing Chat-bots that will talk like Humans

It’s so difficult to have interesting and meaningful conversations with people nowadays. At times it feels better talking to Siri even though it’s a machine and it’s level of artificial intelligence is far too limited to compare with human intellect (most humans I suppose). Anyhow Google is putting a lot of effort into improving AI and has been working with author Ray Kurzweil to create advanced chat-bots: these will be capable of making interesting conversations! Read more

Chatbots are changing our relationship with technology

With 1.5 billion people projected to be using messaging apps by the end of 2016, the introduction of chatbots seems like a logical development for both brands and users alike. A chatbot (at its most basic), is a system that delivers a service within a chat interface, using a prescribed set of rules for automated interaction. Brand communication isn’t one way, and it hasn’t been for a while – chatbots allow the conversations between brand and user to scale in a way that enhances user experience. Read more

Google and Ray Kurzweil making chatbots that will allow for “interesting conversations”

chatbot android authority

Can we really have a conversation with a bot? Voice assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Now make a good attempt at it, but these are still clearly machines. Their level of artificial intelligence is far behind human intellect. But you can bet Google is working on improving AI.

Renown author Ray Kurzweil has revealed him and his team have been working with Google to create chatbots. These are said to be advanced bots with which you can have “interesting conversations”. Read more

Kik’s bots aim for teens that will spend money

Kik Interactive’s founder and CEO Ted Livingston thinks so, and that these chat-based programs hold the key to making money on the free platform.

Backed by a recent investment from Tencent, owner of China’s massive messaging service WeChat, the Canada-based anonymous messaging service announced the equivalent of an app store for bots last month. Since then, the number of bots has spiked to 6,000, ranging from a shopping tool for retailer H&M to a game called Zombie Invasion. Read more

Humans or Bots for Social Engagement – That is the Question

The history of customer service communication trends might go something like this:

Live phone reps gave way to robotic phone automation. Then, live online chat reps gave way to robotic online automation. And now, with social, human customer engagement reps are being invaded by bots, social’s answer for the by-now-customary robotic automation phase. But with history as an indicator, if social media bots are allowed to dominate consumer engagements they will follow their predecessors into the dust bowl of deep consumer unpopularity. Read More

Now you can chat with a bot on Facebook to plan your next vacation

Flight search websites aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? Flight search chatbots. Or at least that’s where 2016 seems to be going.

Skyscanner on Wednesday launched flight search within Facebook Messenger, using the new third party development possibilities of the chat platform to respond to travelers’ natural language queries. So instead of pulling up a travel booking site and choosing the various options from check lists and calendars, you can have an almost-natural conversation with a bot to find a flight or get some travel inspiration. Read more

How To Make Chatbots That Are Actually Worth Talking To

The bots are coming. Every day now there’s a new announcement of a major media or technology player betting big on the future of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, that will do everything from helping us book trips to controlling our ever-smarter homes.

It makes sense. Our natural language is, well, the most natural way for humans to communicate. Getting what we want through a conversation with an intelligent agent is bound to feel simpler than using a click-based interface, especially in a world where mobile rules. Read more