Chatbots will revolutionize computing, says microsoft CEO

If you think the idea of intelligent, verbal robots facilitating our computing experience sounds like a cool idea, you are not the only one – and neither is Microsoft. Tech nerds and the people who invest in them are constantly waiting for the next computing trend, and chatbots have certainly captured people’s imaginations, as well as their wallets.

Artificial intelligence, for all its sinister connotations, is experiencing a surge in popularity. At one point, when people thought of chatbots or “robots,” they imagined refrigerators that could order more groceries or human-like metal beings around their house with a feather duster à la Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons.

The idea remains the same even if the visuals are markedly different. Now small business owners can hire virtual personal assistants – chatbot personal secretaries, if you will – who schedule appointments, book hotels, and more. Read more

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