Chatbots will make a splash in the enterprise first

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the conversational product space, working with several teams building conversational products, talking with tech leaders, and researching the bot landscape.

And yet, when an investor asked me what my favorite consumer use case in the bot space is, I could not come up with a single one I thought would go mainstream soon.

While I struggled to answer that question, I said enterprise use cases are likely to go mainstream in the conversational products space before consumer use cases do. While I am not skeptical of the potential of consumer-facing bots, I think there will be mass adoption of bots by enterprises sooner than we think. Unlike in the consumer space, where a lot of the bot rush is driven by the wrong reasons and mindset, this shift to bots in enterprise space is driven by necessity and the desire for increasing productivity at workplaces. Read more

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