Chat with a Ro(BOT)

Your phone rings. It’s your boss – he needs you to be in Delhi first thing tomorrow morning. After the call, you shout out “Book a flight to Delhi tonight.” Pat comes the reply “Done. Should I book a hotel as well?”

“Yes. And make a reservation at the restaurant for 10 am tomorrow. Send an invitation to the boss.” Read more

Motilal Oswal Securities launches chatbot MO-Genie

Mumbai: Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL), one of the top broking houses in India has introduced MO-Genie, a self-service bot. MO-Genie empowers clients and business partners to access customer service at their fingertips.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services is a financial services company. Its offerings include capital markets businesses (retail broking, institutional broking & investment banking), asset & wealth management (asset management, private equity & wealth management), housing finance & equity-based treasury investments. Read more

10 Bot Building platforms and why you need to build a bot for your business (Part 1)

Bots are the new way businesses talk to their customers. First every business needed to have a website, then a mobile friendly design, then an app. Businesses are now building bots as a customer communication channel.

Bot adoption is growing fast! Since Facebook opened its Messenger in April this year, there have now been 33,000+ bots created on the platform. The great thing about bots is that the communication goes both ways. The “machine” attempts at understanding the questions asked and replies based on the user’s intent. The goal is to be fast, helpful and efficient. Currently, majority of the bots are automated with an assistant in the loop to help train the bot on new questions. Read more