Super-Shopper Chat Bots Poised to Disrupt Ecommerce

Bots and AI are disrupting virtually every industry vertical. One of the most impacted will be ecommerce. As bots do the shopping for humans, many old assumptions will crumble leaving massive disruption in its wake.

The current ecommerce industry is built around the assumption of the inefficient human shopper. Humans have limited memory and compute capacity. Humans are creatures of habit, favor the familiar and value convenience. Therefore, ecommerce businesses that are well known brands, that capture and retain credit cards, take fewer clicks to transact, offer automated recurring subscription fees tend to win even if they may not offer the best price or value. Or rather, the perception of value for humans is different.

However, our shopping bots, our intelligent agents, will be completely different. They have effectively unlimited memory and compute, are not swayed by branding and can do repetitive seemingly inconvenient tasks. These intelligent bots will be hyper-rational shoppers optimizing value for their human owner. They will level the playing field between merchants and shoppers by arming consumers with similar tech firepower to save money and increase value. Read more

Chat bots will make it easier for consumers to interact with IoT devices

The Internet of Things ecosystem is huge! Intel predicts the ecosystem to grow to 200 billion IoT devices across the world. That is 200 billion smart devices that use wireless technology to talk to each other. Currently, all consumer applications of IoT use mobile apps as an interface for users. For instance, a user can dim the lights on a smart bulb or increase the temperature on a smart thermostat, using its corresponding mobile app. Read more