Facebook Wants to Merge AI Systems for a Smarter Chatbot

The framework, called ParlAI, offers researchers a simpler way to build conversational AI systems, and to combine different approaches to machine dialogue. The framework should make it easier for developers to build chatbots that aren’t so easily stumped by an unexpected question. A common criticism of the chatbots released to date, including those available via Facebook, is that they are too narrowly focused and too easily confused. Read more

Why retailers should embrace ‘conversational commerce’

Imagine an era in which customers place an order by speaking a few words to an artificial intelligence (AI) agent, or send a short chat message to a chatbot to quickly solve a customer service issue without the need for human interaction. This era is upon us, as the conversational commerce revolution has produced new, exciting ways for brands like 1-800-Flowers.com, Harry & David, Fannie May and The Popcorn Factory to use cognitive computing systems and AI to interact with consumers seamlessly and naturally. Read more

How Chatbots can provide an edge in real estate

Did you know that chatbot technology has been in existence since 1960’s? Sorry to say this, but this technology has been around longer than some of you have.

The tech was first developed by Joseph Weizenbaum, who developed a language imitating program called ELIZA whose role was to mimic schizophrenic patients. However, advances in technology have in the recent past led to the development of artificial intelligence and the deployment of relevant tools to development for continued development of this exceptional yet naïve field. Read more

Artificial Intelligence based speakers by Amazon Echo or Google home make a smart home

Technology has moved past the stage where remotes made our lives easier. As technology has evolved, our products are getting smarter. While in the past you could press a few buttons on the remote and switch on things, companies are now trying to innovate to the point where instead of starting your app you can just direct your digital assistant to take care of things. Read more

Artificial intelligence finds its way into business through sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) had a coming out party of sorts in 2016. Even though it has been in development for decades, this year, with the perfect combination of cheap computing power and access to increasing amounts of data, it seems AI’s time has come.

Its first foray in business has been directed at making salespeople more efficient at every level of the sales workflow. If you think about it, it makes sense to start with the part of the company that drives revenue. Certainly the vendors recognize that, says Alan Lepofsky, an analyst at Constellation Research, who is working on the impact of AI on work. Read more